Zeus F

A Multi-Function Interface Board for the Commodore 64



Zeus F Interface Board

The Zeus F adds external I/O support to your Commodre 64. It includes:

  • A single 15-pin D-sub connector for interfacing with the Zion adapter board
  • 8 inputs for sensors
  • 4 outputs controlled by relays
  • 4 outputs controlled by TRIACs
  • 4 signaling LEDs connected to the relay outputs
  • A single power-on LED
  • A beeper attached to the first relay output. (Don’t worry, you can disable it.)

Zeus LT Output Specifications

Output ID Range 01, 02, 03, 04 05, 06, 07, 08
Type of Output Relay TRIAC
Operating Voltage 0-250 V AC, 0-100 V DC 220 V AC
Max Continuous Current 8 A 1.5-5 A
Max Power by Load Type 2000 W, 2000 VA 1000 W, 200 VA

Zeus F in Action

The video below shows an automatic lighting control system powered by a Commodore 64, a Zeus F, and a Zion F:


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